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                Jinxi Group
                ENTERING JINXI
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                Jinxi group
                Jinxi group (Hebei Jinxi iron and Steel Group) was founded in October 1986. In December 2009, it was approved and established by Hebei Administration for Industry and commerce. It is headquartered in Beijing, and has more than 40 holding companies at home and abroad in Tianjin, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States and other places, with an annual sales revenue of more than 100 billion yuan. It is a large enterprise group and Hong Kong listed company (China Oriental Group Holding Co., Ltd, Stock code 005812 was incorporated into Hong Kong stock connect on September 4, 2017).

                The group has been among the top 500 Chinese enterprises for 17 consecutive years. In 2019, it ranked No. 178, No. 51 of China's top 500 private enterprises, No. 221 of China's top 500 listed companies, No. 27 of China's top 500 manufacturing enterprises, and No. 1 in Hebei Province. The board of directors of the group ranked "top 50 best board of directors of China in 2019".

                Conscientiously implement the national industrial policy, implement the strategy of "double adjustment" to promote "double transformation", take entering the top 500 of the world as the goal, take "two horizontal and three vertical" industrial layout as the starting point, solidly promote the transformation and upgrading, walk out a characteristic and high-quality development road, and become an advanced model strongly supported by provinces and cities. Optimize the structure of traditional industries, become a specialized, serialized and large-scale production and application base of steel shapes, and have the whole industrial chain of steel sheet pile green engineering. The leading steel shapes have formed 123 series and 356 specifications, and have entered the national key projects such as Hangzhou Bay Cross Sea Bridge. The market share of high-speed rail poles has reached more than 90%, and they have been exported to 33 countries and regions for many years in a row Ranking in the forefront of the country, China's "one belt and one road" business influence 50 top twenty-seventh list.

                Extend the industrial chain and promote the development of fabricated steel structure industry. Relying on the advantages of Jinxi steel, the national assembly standard steel structure building research institute has been set up to replace the welded steel section with hot rolled steel, develop the steel bar, lead and expand the consumption of the steel market, realize the green life cycle whole industry chain from iron and steel production to product integration supply, and have participated in the Xiong an New District Rongcheng No.1 Industrial Park project, and actively respond to the "one belt and one road" initiative. It is suggested to enter Saudi Arabia's China harbor project, Cote d'Ivoire project and other foreign projects. March into the field of high and new technology and foster new momentum for the group's development. Introduce senior experts with core technology from overseas, preliminarily form industrial layout of high-end electron beam testing equipment, undertake three national (02) major projects, build an international high-tech enterprise integrating semiconductor equipment and software research and development, and promote transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.

                Under the leadership of Han Jingyuan, the group has always paid back to the society with a high sense of social responsibility, paid more than 30 billion yuan of taxes to the state, arranged tens of thousands of labor force employment, and built a "5 + 2" social security system. With the heart of thinking about the source, the group has donated teaching assistants and actively supported the development of national and local public welfare industry, and has invested more than 300 million yuan in education, disaster resistance, transportation and special care and other public welfare donations Jingyuan was awarded "outstanding contribution award of Chinese charity" by China Charity Federation and "lifetime contribution award for supporting education development" by Qianxi county Party committee and county government.

                During the 13th Five Year Plan period, Jinxi group will earnestly implement the national industrial policy, extend the industrial chain, and solidly promote the transformation and upgrading. Through one or two five-year plans, Jinxi group will advance to the top 500 in the world, achieve high-quality development and make greater contributions to social and economic development.

                China Oriental Group Holding Co., Ltd

                China Oriental Group Holding Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Bermuda. In 2003, with the approval of the Ministry of Commerce, it controlled 97.6% of the equity of Hebei Jinxi iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. and directly or indirectly held more than 40 companies through Jinxi group, which are distributed in the United States, Singapore, Xianggang, China and other places. It was listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in March 2004 (stock code 005812 was incorporated into Hong Kong stock connect on September 4, 2017). In 2007, Arcelor Mittal, the world's largest steel producer, became a partner and major shareholder of China Oriental Group.

                Dongfang Group of China is one of the most efficient steel producers. It has become a specialized, serialized and large-scale production base of section steel. Products such as H-section steel and steel sheet pile are exported to 33 countries and regions. With the advantages of overseas listing, international advanced equipment, technology, management mode and global raw material supply and sales network, the future performance and development of China Oriental Group will be more brilliant.

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